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Why You Need A Lifestyle Consultant

I get asked often what my job entails as a Lifestyle consultant and blogger, the answer is always ten sentences long because I do so many things due to my many passions. In the beginning of my career, I had become caught up in what I thought I should do. I thought I was supposed to want to move up the corporate ladder in the billion dollar cosmetics industry, so I opted for jobs as sales, merchandiser, beauty consultant, account coordinator, manager and workforce developer just to come to the conclusion that I liked some aspect of each position but didn't want to do them exclusively long term. When I stopped and got back to the heart of who I wanted to become and what I wanted to create, I realized it was often termed as a Lifestyle Consultant. It's the type of business I work independently as an entrepreneur, help my clients create and improve their lifestyle while I build a great life for myself too. To make things a little clearer: Here are five reasons why I became a lifestyle consultant.

1-It allowed me to use all of my passions: it gives me the freedom to work on the projects I want to work on. For me that looks like having a picnic for Valentine's day, doing a makeup event for my meetup group, and doing some side gigs like designing a tablescape for an event, doing floral arrangements and creative directing a photoshoot.

2. The beauty of a lifestyle business is that I'm in control of my schedule. I can do freelance work if I want to and organize my job around my life. It's flexible, no need to request days off. It gives me location independence, I can work mostly from home with the occasional Starbucks workdays.

4. It allows creative freedom. I get to choose what projects I want to work on. Running a lifestyle business allows me to play and explore, to discover what works for me. Unlike other business models, you don't have to get people on board around your ideas. You can take it and run with it, and see where it leads.

5. It allows me to have a voice and talk about the topics that matters to me. I get to network with like minded people in the industry. Through my blog, social media and seminars I get to talk about woman entrepreneurship, love and romance, tips and advice on hosting and entertaining.

Here are ten reasons why you may need a Lovely Darlings lifestyle consultant:

1- You need to improve your image, wardrobe, style and beauty regimen.

2- You need a picnic setup for your next gathering.

3- You need help with a creative project.

4- You need an assistant for just one day.

6- You need some inspiration.

7- You need to feel glamorous and do a photoshoot.

8- You need a personal shopper.

9- You need help putting together an intimate cocktail or dinner party.

10-You need help designing and planning a life you love.

11- You need help with a marriage proposal (bonus).

With love and charm,


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