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Haiti - What being home looks like

I got the chance to back home for a weekend to celebrate my mother's birthday in my hometown PaP Haiti and no other place can satisfy my serious case of nostalgia and wanderlust the way this island does. Usually my husband and I like to do fun adventurous type vacations but this time I traveled solo on this trip. The best part is all I had on my to do list was rest, eat, sleep, repeat, and that I did abundantly in our tropical oasis I call home. My mother being a perfect host made sure I was comfortable and curated the perfect weekend menu for my stay, what's on the menu you ask: squash soup, grilled fish, scrambled country eggs, griot all served with fresh passion fruit or orange juice. I was able to capture some of its beauty sitting just by sitting at home and on some outings. It's such a beautiful place, I hope you visit one day or go back soon if you haven't been in awhile.

My desert table. I had to do a flower arrangement to match the settings with oiseau du paradis stems from my mother's garden.

Best desserts in town can be found at Patisserie Marie beliard. This is assortment from left is mille feuille, eclair au chocolat and marquise au chocolat. All bought my first day so that I could enjoy after each meal. Yummmm!

with my lovely parents.

Old pic of me that was on my childhood desk.

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