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Wedding Anniversary Trip To Cuba

Love is still in the air a year later on our first Wedding Anniversary trip to Cuba this spring. With a short hour flight to Havana, hubby and I set out on a four day weekend trip to explore the Cuban culture and celebrate our first year as husband and wife (Woohoo! we made it!!!). This colorful country and it's warm people not only stole our hearts but exceeded our expectations.

What is it that elevates a humble vacation to that romantic, unforgettable, trip of a lifetime? The destination of course however for me it must be a place that is in some way exceptional culturally, architecturally, it's people, it's history or in terms of its naturally beauty. Most important, such a trip should provide a sense of connection with its roots of a place and an understanding of the qualities that makes it unique. I understand how controversial the political situation is in Cuba, I am not oblivious to its challenges but the sound and the colors of Cuba are simply captivating and its peoples enthusiasm and resilient spirit are infectious. Havana will instantly transport you back to the 1950's and you might not want to come back to the present. If you have the means to visit Cuba, do it and do it soon before it starts to change.

Favorite Thing: All areas of Havana. people watching, drinking mojitos and spotting 1950's classic cars.

Where To Eat: I highly recommend Los Naranjas, the service and their custom menu was really impressive. For a more low key but delicious food try Area 53 across from Hotel Melia Cohiba. I heard great things about La Guarida, I visited during the day but couldn't stay to eat because we didn't have reservations, it's a really popular place, make reservations way ahead of time.

Best coffee: La Chucheria sports bar has the best cafe con leche I have ever had.

Best Place for Cocktails: The music and daiquiris are famous for a reason at El Floridita, I just loved seating and enjoying the live music for a few hours. find yourself a table and take it all in. For cheaper drinks try El rhum rhum de La Habana where you'll get a similar vibe and live music.

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