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Catch Me By The Sea

Summer is fast approaching and one of the perks of living in south Florida is having warm weather all year around and beach shores for miles. When I found the ideal beach spot with fewer tourists and a picture perfect background for my Sunday picnic, I was elated. The Bill Baggs Lighthouse Beach in Key Biscayne is the perfect beach for a chic outdoor sandy beach day picnic.

There's a small fee to pay per vehicle/person to enter the tip of Key Biscayne, however it's equivalent or less than what you would normally pay for parking in the Miami Beach area. There's also shaded Pavilions if you need an area to BBQ or host a party. The surroundings are very clean, other activities include a bike trail, a restaurant and the tour of the Lighthouse. To say the least I delighted in a fun and relaxing day.

A layout of my favorite things: O Magazine, blanket, fruits, Pellegrino sparkling water and pillows for comfort.

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