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La Vie en Rose

The literal meaning of La Vie en Rose is life in pink but it also refers to someone who view things in a romantic way or through rosy glasses. I have always been a hopeless romantic and that translated into my work, my style and my attitude about life. At the beginning of the year, when making my long list of new year resolutions I really marveled at the idea of how I wanted to feel in the new year and La Vie en Rose was just the right theme for the year ahead. I am a 30 year old newlywed who started her own business and who chooses to see the cup half full. Moreover I thought the definition was missing something so I decided to give La Vie en Rose a new interpretation and this is what I came up with.

La Vie en Rose: is a life filled with bliss, romance, celebrations and a collection of breathtaking moments. Isn't that just lovely? I thought so.

That is what I want my year to be all about. I want to remain optimistic about life regardless of what's going on in the world. I want to take more risks, I want to go on small and big adventures and celebrate all life's tiny victories. This year I hope there will be more bliss and more beauty to seek. I hope romance is consistenlty present in your life. Life is too short and it will pass you by in a flash so why not see life through a pink glass. Sprinkle some love, compassion, and positivity wherever you go. And lastly I hope you will create fabulous memories that will last a lifetime.

With love and charm,


Lovely Darlings



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