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Find Your Bliss

Hi Lovelies,

Summer is finally here! I just came back from a Caribbean cruise vacation with my family and had an outstanding time. I like going on vacation often because it my way of recharging and feeling my best again, regardless if its a quick weekend getaway or traveling to another country. Having a change of scenery and routines helps me relax tremendously. Going away gives me the opportunity to let go and find my bliss. What is Bliss and how do I find it? For me, it's that feeling of unmeasured happiness when my heart is at peace and full with love, by definition it's reaching the state of perfect happiness. I think that I reached that level of bliss when I engage in fun and wholehearted fun activities with my loved ones, and by being grateful and present. That perfect happiness looks like me floating on a mat on the beach with a drink at hand and humming to a song while I stare at the sky or playing in the sand with my nieces on the beach, or sharing a passionate but salty kiss with my husband. During that time, I was fully present and didn't have a worry in the world. I simply let myself be. That's my practice for finding my bliss! When I'm back in my to reality, I try my best to experience this type of bliss in my everyday life, to seek the good, to seek beauty in all its forms and find the light in everything I do. So my lovely darlings, find your bliss today!

With charm and love,


Lovely Darlings



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